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Dubai, United Arab Emirates                                                                                            Fujairah, United Arab Emirates
Australian Hospitality Skills Recognition ME FZE                                                         Australian Hospitality Skills Recognition ME FZE
BIZ Dubai Office, # 17 The Iridium Building                                                                    Creative Tower, Hamad Ben Mohammad Street
Umm Suqeim Road, Al Barsha                                                                                            P. O. Box 4422, Fujairah, UAE
P. O. Box 391186, Dubai, UAE                                                                                            Telephone:+971(0)92071333
Australia Mob: +61(0)451797708
Australia Mob: +61(0)451797708                                                                                         Email: info@hospitalityskills.me
Email: info@hospitalityskills.me                                                                                            Skype: jujan27
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