Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone apply for RPL?

Answer: Anyone can apply, however only applicants who can demonstrate sufficient evidence to confirm they are competent in the               qualification.

Do I qualify?

Answer: Applicants who can demonstrate sufficient evidence to confirm they are competent in the qualification will qualify. A               suitably qualified assessor will discuss your suitability with you after you have submitted an application.

Are good literacy skills required to participate in the RPL process?

Answer: You must demonstrate the appropriate level of literacy and numeracy required for the individual units as specified in the               Assessment Guides.

I have been working for the same organization for a number of years, is this sufficient evidence to gain RPL?

Answer: Sufficient evidence is defined as being able to demonstrate you are competent in the units of competency you are applying               for credit in. This can be in various formats such as a portfolio of evidence as below.

What sort of evidence will I need to gain the qualification?

Answer: Portfolios of evidence, which may include; prior qualifications, resumes, references, position descriptions, work examples,               photographs/videos, practical/workplace observation, skills tests and assignments and a competency conversation. For               further information, please refer to the Recognition of Prior Learning and Transfer Credit Policy and Procedure.

I do not believe that I have received a fair assessment, what can I do about this?

Answer: You have the right to appeal a decision of AHSR/ASMI, please refer to the Grievances, Complaints and Appeals Policy               and Procedure for further information.

Can I RPL a whole qualification?

Answer: Yes, if you can provide the required evidence.

Do I have to be employed to undertake an RPL?

Answer: No, but you must have currency (within 2 years) in your industry and be able to demonstrate competence in the units of               competency being applied for.

How long does it take to gain qualification?

Answer: From two weeks to six months or as long as it takes for you to demonstrate / provide sufficient evidence required to satisfy               the units of competency that you will need to achieve the award.