We are proud to feature testimonials from a few of our successful candidates

"My name is Om Bahadur Thapa Magar and I am working as an Executive Housekeeper at Iririki Island Resort Port Vila in Vanuatu.  I have completed my Diploma of Hospitality from Australian Hospitality Skills Recognition ME FZE as an online Class student of 2013. As an international student, I enjoyed all the experiences offered and I was their first student from Nepal. I am so excited to have complete my Diploma of Hospitality. I was also able to succeed in class as well as the work place; it provided me with more than a first-class education. Although my future was unpredictable, AHSR changed everything for me and have led me to a brighter future.   Ms. June Silver took care of me like family. She offered selfless help whenever I needed with all the support provided by her.  She even helped to pay my fees with her credit card because of difficulties to transfer money from Saudi Arabia. Thank you Ms. June for your effort to help me & thank you very much to Mr. Rob Claridge for welcoming me as a Student.

I highly recommend Australian Hospitality Skills Recognition ME FZE.   It is my belief that these qualifications will give people working in hospitality increased opportunities for a better future.  Please feel free to contact me at any point should you have questions about this recommendation.  Thank you."

Om Bahadur Thapa Magar, Executive Housekeeper, Iririki Island Resort, Port Vila, Vanuatu. Prior to the AHSR Qualification he was Assistant Executive Housekeeper, Coral Hotels & Resorts Group, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia